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IC - Version 1.1.7 64bit

Based on LILYsoft Image Library 0.7.13


Why yet another image viewer? Short answer: because we needed it. Well, and because it is not just a viewer. IC was in its original incarnation an internal tool to test features and functionality of our image library.
The library itself is designed to do accurate image manipulation, not only for common palette, grayscale and 8bit/sample (24bit) RGB images, but also for 16bit/sample and for high dynamic range images (HDRI). Alpha/opacity channels are also fully supported for all formats.
Our library does load and save the most common image file formats (including HDRI formats like OpenEXR, Radiance, PFM and floating point TIFF) and also implements full color management (by using ICC profiles or any other colorimetric information, depending on the used file format). It handles all internal transformations in a linear (not gamma corrected) color space and generates proper into sRGB color space transformed output for display purpose or simple 8/24bit file output (like bmp, png or jpeg files).
Converting the bit-depth to 8bit/sample values is not just done by accurate rounding but also by using a 'Bayer grid' to loose as less precision as possible and avoid any color banding. But off course it can also save full blown 32bit floating point data for file formats that do support this.
While testing and debugging the library IC evolved and now we think it might be useful to a broader audience and present it to the public free of charge.


You can view the complete Documentation online - including the license.


IC runs currently only with 64bit Microsoft Windows operating systems, but it has been reported to work in Linux by using Wine.

Download IC - for Windows 7/8/10 64bit operating systems