Gettin' From There To Here

Six River Moonstone

Created 2007
Renderer: POV-Ray 3.61
Tools: Poser

Music: "Cormorant Side Of The Moon"
composed and performed by Six River Moonstone, lyrics inpired by Thomas Pynchon

This image is the sleeve design of our CD from 2007. It was folded and only the middle part was seen as the front cover.

The image is rendered in one go and not composed even if I assume it would have been much easier and faster to combine the woman and the moon afterwards with the background.
It also contains two element that are meant as reference to two great 'old-school' POV-Ray Artists to reflects a bit of my own history when it comes to computer generated images.
It was about 1991 when I did download from some BBS two GIF files. One was a picture of a toy-train by Mike Miller and the other a 3d version of pac-man by Ville Saari. Both created with POV-Ray 1.0 and the 'scene description' for rendering the images was also available. This was the first time I did hear about this raytracing program, but due 'real life'(tm) issues I did actually start to use POV-Ray a few years later beginning with version 3.0.

Cormorant Side Of The Moon

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