The Gap

The Gap

Created 2009
Renderer: POV-Ray 3.7 beta 34
Tools: Poser, XFrog, Pose-Ray, Terragen, IC

Music: "Trains"
composed and performed by Six River Moonstone, lyrics by Thomas Pynchon from "Gravity's Rainbow"

This image made 1st place at the TINA CHeP CGI competition for stills September 2009, topic "Across The Plains".

Somehow I have mixed feelings about winning the round because I was well aware of numerous flaws within "The Gap" when I did submit it and do fully agree with all the criticism given in the comments about it. It just happened that I did start quite late to actually work on it and even got sidetracked. So I consider the image as a WIP and will come back to it as time permits.

Here is a making-of closeup shot, revealing some nice details but also some more flaws:

The Gap (Closup 1)

Station V is one more reference to Thomas Pynchon, whose novels "V" and "Gravity's Rainbow" always have been a source of inspiration for both my musical and graphical works.
It also happens that Station V is the name of a space station within a famous movie - in case you do not remember, just whistle for yourself: Danube so blue, dah dimm, dah dimm...

And for the curious the sign at the elevator tower. It is an isosurface (to get the cylindrical shape) based on an image found somewhere in the web (with a too low resolution). The 'button' is just a placeholder but later I did forget about it and so it even made its way into the submitted image.

The Gap (Closup 2)

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