Yet Another Cute Cat

Created 2017
Renderer: Iray

Quite some time ago I started to investigate methods for creating realistic fur. Finally I have something that works pretty well: it's a c++ program that utilizes the OpenSceneGraph library and generates fur-meshes based on multiple uv-mapped "guideline"-images to determine density and length of the fur - also thickness, color and curlyness of the individual hairs.
But the program has no frontend or UI and can only be run from within the development environment - all adjustments are done at source code level.
Of course my very first serious attempt to use it was with: Yet Another Cute Cat!

Here is one more early attempt, a squirrel. But a lot of things are wrong with this poor little fella...


A Game Of Checkers

It's getting better. Some major improvement on both, the squirrels anatomy and the fur.


But here comes the hunter...


...up close and ready for a meal!


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