Bist Du noch da

Bist Du noch da

Created 2009
Renderer: POV-Ray 3.7 beta
Tools: Blender, Poser, XFrog.

Music: 'Bist Du noch da'
composed and performed by Six River Moonstone

While I was thinking about music and images of mine that would fit together, my entry for the IRTC 'Loneliness' round from 2002 and that strange piece of music called 'Bist Du noch da' where the first 'couple' that immediately did come to my mind.

This image is a remake of the old IRTC entry as I always wanted to correct some flaws. I was also interested in how deep I might fall into the 'uncanny valley' seven years later, while at the same time I think it is part of the genius behind modernist artists such as Picasso or Matisse (the framed painting is a 'Matisse'), they realized that the best way to capture the essence of a person was with a single, broad-stroked detail.
As the image is also a bit inspired by the movies of Wong Kar-Way (the older ones like '2046' and 'In The Mood For Love') I did use the simulation of a 35mm camera for this 'shot'.

The music was tailored around the canon like main theme (which was already in my mind since many years) and the spoken word samples (already on my hard disk since many years) when I finally realized the 'inspiration' I was waiting for (for each of these separate elements) - was just 'mix them together'.
The string theme after the guitar intro cites the melody of the traditional Breton ballad 'Jenovefa Rustefan' - a quite tragically one, because a girl falls in love with a priest but as a priest in Brittany is always catholic nothing 'real' is going to happen and she finally commits suicide. But this story is in no way related to the picture - at least I do not think so.

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