you'll find here some software (IC a nifty little tool) and informations related to image processing - the business im working in since the last 15 years.

There are also a few computer generated images and finally some pieces of music, my hobby and during the last 30 years occasionally even my profession.

have fun, Ive

News 2010-04-24

IC update to version 1.0.12.

A few new images at CGI&M.

News 2012-09-12

A new page about spectral rendering with POV-Ray at CGI&M.

News 2016-04-31

A few new images at CGI&M.

News 2017-04-12

Look for "Fun with Fur" at CGI&M.

News 2018-03-22

IC update to version 1.1.7 - 64bit

News 2018-07-28

A hommage to Dutch Golden Age still life paintings at CGI&M.